About Waks Wigs

If you’re in the Melbourne area, visit Waks Wigs and we’ll find the best wig for your own individual needs. Throughout Australia, we are the premier wig makers with over 40 years of experience...

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Our Quality

For many years, Waks Wigs have led the market in providing quality wigs in Melbourne. Visit our prestigious Burke Road boutique for genuine 100% human hair wigs. 

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Waks Wigs can help secure funding for children with Alopecia up to the age of eighteen. A grant up to the value $4,000 may be available where financial assistance is required. Amazing, beautiful, human hair wigs that will make the world of difference.

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  • Style Your Wig

    The need for style and appearance for your wig is paramount and we will go above and beyond to give you the best wig possible.

  • Our large range

    Our large range is flexible to suit your individual needs.

  • Wigs for kids

    Our range of wigs provides for the kids market, as we attempt to cater for all.

  • Exclusive range

    Our exclusive range or ‘Platinum Collection’ is made from luxurious, 100% human hair. 

  • The Manager

    Waks Wigs Manager - Haya Waks.

    Haya Waks is no stranger to many Australians. Her story of raising seventeen wonderful children has featured many times over the years in documentaries and news reports, making the Waks family a warmly regarded part of Melbourne’s culture.
    A member of Melbourne’s thriving Jewish community, Haya Waks has lovingly raised her seventeen children - all from the same two parents - with passion and dedication. This speaks volumes about Haya’s nature. She is committed, creative and succeeds at anything she puts her energy into.

  • Real human hair

    If you’re looking for a real human hair wig and want a customised wig suited to your specifications then contact Waks Wigs for the best suited wig for you.

  • The Perfect Wig

    Waks Wigs is proud to offer a huge range of wig styles and colors. Our specialist staff will walk you through the process from choosing the perfect wig, to helping style your hair.

  • Design your own hair

    Allow us to work with you in creating the most comfortable hair piece, or pieces for you. 


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