You may have been into wig shops and tried on pre-styled wigs. They just don't look natural, because they have not been styled to suit you.
Waks Wigs has in stock mainly what we call a "raw" state. This means that the hair comes straight from the unprocessed  state and is hand-tied into the wig cap. When you come into our salon you choose the hair length, texture and colour you want and then the wig is professionally cut and styled to your specifications.

Many cheaper wigs on the market are machine made with a weft construction throughout the entire wig. Wigs made in this way do not fall and move like natural hair.
Waks Wigs are so intricately made to such mind blowing detail that every single hair is hand tied into the skin part cap, then pulled through a skin coloured silk panel of fabric, in a multi-directional way,  disguising  the knots and creating a realistic illusion of the hair growing out of your own scalp.

Many suppliers of wigs offer human hair. This does not always mean it is good quality. Cheap human hair wigs are made of cheap Asian hair which is not only dark but very coarse as well, so the hair needs to be bleached and bathed in acids to corrode the outer layer of the hair to make it finer. You can imagine the amount of damage done to the hair after enduring this process. The hair is left dry and brittle. In order to disguise this, the hair is coated in a layer of silicone which makes the hair soft and shiny again, however this is very temporary. The silicone wears off after a few washes, exposing the dry, damaged hair underneath.

Waks Wigs sources mostly "virgin" hair, meaning it is untouched by any chemical process. Usually, the hair is not even coloured. The natural colour of the hair is the colour it will be in your wig.  Provided you take good care of your wig, it will stay soft and silky for the life of the wig.

Waks Wigs literally have hundreds of wigs in stock, in every length, colour and texture you can imagine. We do not make you wait weeks for your wig to be made. Nearly 100% of the time, the day you walk in is the day you will walk out with a product so natural it will look and feel better than your own hair. However, if needed, we can add color or highlights.

At Waks Wigs we look after many clients with hair loss, whether chronic, or temporary from medical treatment. We understand it is a very difficult and emotional time. We have a private fitting area,and there is nothing to be nervous about. In fact the owner, Haya Waks wears a wig herself for 39 years.
We are very experienced in this field, and with the right choice, you will walk out feeling confident and attractive, and no one will know you have a wig.

Yes we do. If you would like to sell your hair, please come in or give us a call. We can even arrange to have it cut for you so the hair is not damaged.

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