The quality of the hair and construction contributes to the price. We use only fantastic quality hair. The hair on our wigs is individually handtied at the crown section, which takes many hours to complete and the wefts are hand sewn. The durable and great quality construction means our wigs will last longer, with good care and appropriate treatment.

Our human hair wigs have a 1 Year warranty for any factory faults, but with great care and treatment we have seen them last many years more, due to the fantastic quality and construction of both the cap and the hair.

Your hair doesn’t need to be shaved or cut short. As long as it feels like it’s a comfortable length for you to wear under the wig, then it is up to you if you want to cut it at all.

Our wigs only need to be washed every 6-8 weeks. We recommend brushing or combing the wig gently, both before and after wearing. We also recommend it be placed on the foam head stand while not being worn as it keeps the wig and style in shape.

We have more than 600 wigs in stock of various colours. Any of the human hair wigs can be coloured to suit your preference, as well as adding highlights, lowlights or roots.

The most important aspect of wearing a wig is for it to look natural and beautiful. Many factors are involved like colour, style and shape. Trying on various wigs will help to make a decision based on your skin tone, face shape and what your physical beauty goals are. So feel free to come and visit our salon and try on some wigs to get a better idea of what suits you.

We stopped selling the lace front wigs as we have found that the hair sheds faster at the front as the hairs there are not as securely threaded. Once this happens, the net needs to be cut back further and further which doesn’t end up giving a natural look. For a more durable solution, we recommend a full wig or piece which doesn’t need that kind of maintenance and still looks natural at the front.

No, we no longer buy hair. You are welcome to donate any old wigs. We wash and style them and transfer them to organizations in need.

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Our Story

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