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Our aim at Waks Wigs is to make the experience enjoyable and exciting for you.

We provide wigs for many reasons such as; thin hair and hair loss due to age, genetics, cancer, alopecia and other medical issues, as well as beautiful options for transgender clients and those wanting a different look or to follow style trends without changing their natural hair.

Haya, Owner and Designer, has many years of experience with wigs. She was 14 years old when she started hand-making wigs with her mother.  Her love for wigs grew as a teen and continued as a newly married young woman when she started wearing one herself! She has continued working with wigs since then, perfecting her own design and construction method over almost 50 years.

Haya is not only a wonderful mum of 17 and an inspirational member of her community, she is also a highly regarded businesswoman. “I started Waks Wigs in Melbourne because i understand the effect of hair on one’s self-esteem and that beauty and image are essential elements of society”, Haya says. Her mission is to help people achieve a look they are proud of and to help them feel fantastic in a wig that is easy to wear, fits perfectly and is comfortable and natural looking.

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Our compassionate and highly experienced team are here to help you achieve your beauty goals. Call us anytime, or visit our salon by appointment, to discuss your needs and learn more about our wigs and services.

What our clients say

We value all of our clients’ opinions about our wigs and the services we provide. We strive to go above and beyond for every client, aiming to always satisfy your needs.

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Waks Wigs must be the best place to find not only the image that you dreamt of, but also a wonderful service full of understanding and professional knowledge. Most enjoyable experience. I have no hesitation to recommend Waks Wigs to anybody that needs a beautiful hair (wig) and enjoys a five star service. Speak to Haya, discover her magic touch and friendly caring heart and smile.


If you are seeking a high-quality wig that is completely customized to suit your age, your coloring and importantly, your personality, then I have no hesitation in recommending that you visit Haya and her team - they will help you to feel relaxed and confident AND to have some fun with your crowning glory makeover!