We sell Scrunchies, ponytails, fringes and pieces that will add volume and can cover thin hair and some balding. We have many colours in stock to make it easy for you to find a colour match.


Use a scrunchy as a low maintenance hair piece to add volume to a thin bun or ponytail. We have many colours and shades in stock as well as longer ponytail options.

Lace front headband

The lace front headband is worn under the wig with the lace and hair visible at the hairline, enhancing the natural look of the wig by making the hair seem like its truly growing from your hairline. Lace front wigs do the same job but as the hair eventually thins and falls off the lace, it becomes expensive to replace. Our lace front headband is a more affordable option to use with any of the wigs you currently own and is cheaper to replace when needed.

We understand that hair is an extremely personal and important factor in a person’s life. Allow us to assist in any way we can, to help you achieve your beauty goals.