Human Hair Wigs

Our human hair wigs originate from Europe & other places, and are meticulously crafted with natural looking skin partings, which are multi-directional to suit your face shape, and the look you want to achieve. We use only high-quality hair and construct the wig cap with techniques that produce a durable, natural and beautiful result. Breathable netting is used to provide maximum airflow and comfort. With around 600 wigs in stock, we have a very large range of colours, lengths, styles and sizes available to suit every individual.

Blonde long wig

Long, blonde and beautiful, this human hair wig with a multi-directional part and natural looking hairline is ready to wear.

Long naturally wavy wig

Do you want volume, length and a beautiful colour? This human hair wig in a rich dark brown has a natural wave throughout.

Shoulder length blonde wig

With natural blonde tones, this beautiful looking human hair wig with a multi-directional parting is styled with layers.

Black mid-length wig

Dark and beautiful, this human hair wig is styled with a straight sophisticated fringe.

Brown short bob

This chocolate brown, chin length, human hair wig is styled with a side fringe, making it a great option for any age.

Grey long bob wig

This human hair wig with a natural looking parting, is a modern take on the classic bob with it’s light grey colour.

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