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Wigs For Kids In Australia

Melbourne-based Waks Wigs is proud to provide beautiful and natural-looking handcrafted wigs for kids in Australia. Children suffering from hair loss due to cancer or other conditions can take a huge hit to their confidence and self-esteem. That’s why we offer children’s wigs made of such high-quality materials that they are virtually indistinguishable from real hair. Our products are highly effective at giving the wearer confidence and comfort, allowing them to go to school and do other activities in public without feeling self-conscious.


An In-depth Consultation

Kids and adults alike are treated to an in-depth consultation at our prestigious boutique wig salon in Melbourne. We’ll find out what you’re looking for and how we can create the perfect children’s wigs for each individual child who comes through our doors. We also offer cutting, styling and colouring services that are provided by our fashion-forward staff.

Our wigs for kids always reflect the latest style trends so children who require a wig will never feel self-conscious about wearing it. We use the best quality hair to create human hair wigs for children that are comfortable and beautiful. No glue, no heat, no bonds, and no pain are the promises we make to all kids. Please consult with us today so we can help you find the best wig for your child.

In addition to wigs that address hair loss, we also offer a range of kids’ costume wigs in Melbourne and beyond. Our costume wigs for kids are ideal for dress-ups, with a wide range of costume wigs in Australia available to choose from.

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At Waks Wigs, we offer synthetic and natural human hair wigs for children that are second to none in terms of quality and value. Get in touch with us today by visiting our contact page for more details and advice. We’ll do our best to assist you with your requests and requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Waks Wigs can provide specialised wigs for kids. We offer wig sizes from XXXS that are suitable for ages 4-6 and have a lower density better suited to children.

Yes, our wig shop offers premium quality human hair wigs for children. Our children’s wigs are available in smaller sizes and lower densities.

If your child is active, we recommend tying the hair back or putting it in a low ponytail. We can also provide you with further care and maintenance tips for specific children’s wigs or costume wigs.

There are no minimum length requirements when it comes to our wigs for kids.

At Waks Wigs, we offer special headbands that can secure children’s wigs and prevent them from slipping off the head.

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Our Story

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